Nat’s Numbers: The Superpowers Of Master Numbers 11, 22 And 33


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Natalie is a Superpower Coach & Expert who trains individuals and business cultures in using their natural, real-life Superpowers through Archetypal . She has actually been hired by anti-terrorism units, multi-million-dollar tech launches, leading basic specialists and banks, CEOs, authors, athletes, housewives and instructors. She is the future author of 'The.
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Nat's Numbers: The Superpowers Of , And

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  1. My life path is 11, my soul urge is 11 and my birthday number is 22. I honestly feel like a wreck sometimes lol. I appreciate this video.

    1. Lisa Mango danm… That combo is a unicorn… So rare… 3 master number in Ur core? I wonder what your purpose is in this life… U gotta make it Ur purpose to find Ur purpose…

    2. Definitely can relate.
      The energy is overwhelming.
      Life path 11 born on 22.

  2. I’m apparently a Life Path 22, I can definitely relate to taking concepts from the dream/imaginery state and turning them into a solid form, this year seems to have me on a run, I am definitely on higher polygonal structures and how psychology works, really enjoying the experience, it has been a really difficult path but all my hard work has paid off, with my ability to help nutty professors or teacher get a more solid understanding of reality I actually help them become better educators, been doing it for a while and now ready to physically start my own spiritual foundation, spiritual principles, integral concepts of reality, geometric cosmic ideas, the flow of energy understanding energies of the earth how to protect ourselves and heal ourselves from harmful energies, state of mind, Big Plans…

    I’m spiritual poet/rapper/producer/fine artist/designer/ graphic novelist/ musician/ inventor/writer/actor/screenwriter/playwright/mythologist/that and more yep that’s what they say you either do it big or not at all

    Nice Video Natalie Pescetti!!!! Most Appreciated!!!

    1. I’m expression number 11, destiny number 11, life path 22, maturity number 33.. N I’m somehow like u in an artistic way

    2. William Blakean P Haze The 1st oh really I am a life path number 5 cover by destiny number 7 does it tell you anything? By the way if you need help to grow up your business, ask a number 5 or 8 , forget about 11, and 22, it’s useless

  3. I am a lifepath 22. I have always know I was different in some way. I have been working on tuning into my inner self and by doing so I was able to remember my purpose for this life. I am to create a community of like minded individuals to live and thrive together in a self sustaining off grid housing system that incorporates natural flows and processes.

    1. I’m a 22 as well.. And m really clueless as to what direction I should take.. Can any successful 22 help me?

    2. I’m trying to manage my 22 with my music. And I am very happy that I found something with which I can express my creativity but also influence the energies. Otherwise I would be so stuck!

  4. The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. – Mark Twain

  5. I am an 11. That explains a lot. I always seem to know stuff without knowing why, wisdom that comes out of nowhere, but I have come to trust it….I feel like I am starting to understand.

    1. me too but i am blinded by what i know and ended up being taken down by the blindside in my thinking. i thought i knew many things, but maybe i have to go above that and always be open for other things

    2. I always thought I was crazy or something. When someone asks me a question I always have the answer and I didnt know about the subject. Or when learning about something new I already know what I’m reading, but it’s the first time ever. Unfortunately, but also fortunately for me, I’m only 25 and am in the full throws of my abilities and have been since age 15. My friends think I’m cool and weird cause once I’m close enough to someone I can nearly read their minds. It’s not just the finishing their sentences, I feel like they want a snack and bring them what felt like a random snack to me, but they tell me they were just thinking about the snack I brought.

    3. @Keegan Miniard it is actually your brain having high EQ – i used to have similar abilities but when i developed neurological disorder, the ability disappeared

  6. Einstein worked as a patent clerk in Bern, Switzerland. One of his cases involved a competition from the the Swiss Federal Railways to see if someone could devise a method of nationwide synchronization of all station clocks to ensure a punctual service. Einstein, being the clever clogs he was, submitted a letter saying how this was ‘theoretically’ impossible because of the subjective nature of time. Even if two clocks at one station were set to the same time, the clock furthest away from anyone observing them would already be ‘ahead’ in time compared to the image that entered their eyes because of the slight delay in the speed of light. This later became known as the ‘Theory of Relativity’.

  7. Life path number = 11. Expression number = 22. Maturity number = 33. Based on your descriptions, I can clearly see how I used to hide in the foundational numbers of 2 and 6, and how I still hide in 4. Thank you for this road map, of sorts. Time to level up and spread my wings!

  8. As a master number 11 I have deja vue a lot! Dreams of the future and I can sense peoples emotions, I always thought I was a little crazy. Now I can see just because we cant see with our own eyes, doesn’t mean its not true on a deeper level. Thank you for the informative vlog 🙂

  9. Hi Nat. Thanks a lot for your video. I realized just a few days ago what it means to be an 11. I still can’t understand all my psychic abilities that come to me in the form of dreams and other premonitions. Some time ago, I actually started receiving messages for other people. That’s in short what it means for me to be an 11. Not fun sometimes, strange most of the times.

  10. Very interesting, you put it together so well, I’m a life path 11, and I do have a 22 in one of my path’s too, my husband is a life path 33. I’ve also a brother life path 22, and a daughter life path 44, which you don’t hear of much. Surely with so much master numbers in one family we need to do something. Hopefully you can give me some guidance on this, I think the other members won’t take this knowledge seriously. From listening to you though, and other’s, finding my time to be creative, at least dancing, while doing chores, will be productive. I loved drawing, and dancing as a child, wanted to be a dancer, as I felt so good doing it.

  11. I have a 22 in my chart! This is so crazy! Not in a narcissistic way but I’ve just always felt like I’ve had a purpose here on earth. This is crazy.

  12. I am an 11 and 22, a visual artist and writer. Imagination has saved me many times, and I share its healing power with others as a volunteer and intuitve counselor. Thank you Nat.

  13. Master number 33: imagination, creative thinking, visualization, simplicity, maturity, awakened old soul.

  14. Hi all, life path 22 here and just waking up on my journey. Thank you for these messages, a lot of profound thinking happening right now. Good luck to all on their respective journeys ahead.

  15. I am a 33 with my year of birth adding up 22. To be honest, I have experienced the gifts of the number 11 superpowers you listed. I also have often had dreams about my loved ones right before they happen to encounter tragedies or trouble in one way or another… but I’ve also tested the theories of mentally reaching out to them randomly and sure enough receive a form of context from them!

    Lately, I have been having this insane prophetic dreams (sleeping and awake) where innovations that actually add up to billion dollar ideas.. I am genuinely intrigued to have happened to discover numerology and your video because I thought I was just a 6!! Lol

    Anyways – I am still feeling like I need more guidance or affirmation that I have the power to change the way society acts.. though I have some fantastic ideas!

  16. I’m a 22 and my husband is an 11! No wonder we are amazing together! I’ve been practicing my gifts for awhile now but I am now stepping into my true power! Watch Out, World! 😁

  17. Thank you for this video! I’ve had this “fantasy” for several years of making art to heal and inspire! Now I understand that it’s not some looney idea. I’m a 33

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