The Secret Superpower of the #13 (A MUST SEE before April 13th!)

The is one of the most feared numbers. You hardly ever see level # in high-rise buildings. # is believed to be unfortunate. But is this without reason?

Here, Nat, from Nat's Numbers shows why the holds a secret superpower which needs to be celebrated, not prevented!

The of this remarkable number reveals us that we need to embrace the 13 for growth. Take a look at the video to change how you view this number forever!

About Natalie Pescetti
Natalie Pescetti is a Superpower Coach & Consultant who trains individuals and business cultures in using their natural, real-life Superpowers through Stereotypical . She has actually been worked with by anti-terrorism units, multi-million-dollar tech starts ups, leading general specialists and banks, CEOs, authors, professional athletes, homemakers and instructors. She is the future author of 'The 9 Superheroes of the Universe.' Take a look at her Superhero Training programs at

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The Secret Superpower of the #13 (A MUST SEE before April 13th!)

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  1. No matter how many times you think you solve a problem, it keeps showing up. That is the story of my life lately, Nat. “Absurdity” is putting it mildly. Every single point absolutely resonates for what’s happening in my life right now, Nat.

  2. Born on the 13th, I have always loved the number. Just wish more did! Thanks for sharing the good word. I feel that although humanity has been pushing a boulder uphill for centuries somehow with the new energy, the boulder has become considerably lighter. We are all on a journey and most of the time the challenging paths take us to the most breath-taking views. Thank you for this πŸ™‚

    1. I was born on the 13th as well, it’s fantastic number see it all the time. btw you have exactly 13 likes on your comment πŸ˜ƒ

  3. Thank you for this insight! My birth name number is 13 and I have struggled with the “not perfect” theme a lot……always thinking it’s not good enough if it’s not perfect. I appreciate this fresh perspective to view my life and my imperfect self. πŸ™‚

  4. My birthday is actually 713 lol. I cancel myself out haha. I’ve always loved my numbers. I see them all the time. However you’re message was quite profound to me in the message itself. It’s something that I say to myself often and though I have realized that it’s the journey itself Bc at the end ..then what?..Hearing it just felt as if I were my own friend giving me that advice. Thank you! You’re really good at expressing your thoughts!

  5. You explained that so well! I’ve been seeing the number 13 everywhere and I knew that I needed to turn all my bad habits into strengths as much as possible. However, when you said “the goal is inherently empty”, it resonated so much. I have tunnel vision and I’m trying to work on that.

    Thank you so much for your insight.

  6. Good interpretation of 13. A lot of videos don’t know the hidden meaning behind it. I personally still fully dont. I believe it has to to with some form of independent you’ve achieved in life.

  7. Thank you for this wonderful perspective on the number 13. My awareness and relationship with 13 began when my son was born on the 13th day at 5:26 pm. For me 13 has been full of surprises, some lessons and some gifts.

  8. U r spot on about 13!! Love the positive twist on bypassing and surpassing all these problems and challenges by taking the material to build a jacob’s ladder. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I have a 13 tattooed on my neck and have always felt a powerful energy from it. Thank you Natalie for the story and the positive outlook. You are gorgeous.

    1. 13 is tattooed on my left wrist and I’m so proud of it. Born on November 13th 91, and ppl avoided my bdays especially on Friday’s. This year it’s Friday the 13th and my whole life is changing in a difficult way but also for better. I feel like a Phoenix.

      Go13βœ¨πŸ‘πŸΌβ€οΈ and yes she’s gorgeous πŸŽ€

  10. To be honest with you I think the point of that story was the first meaning you gave. That seems to be how my life feels…i also feel like the leaving off of the 13th floor is a very conscious decision to not like the number 1

  11. Super powerful message and I thank you for it! I have been seeing the #13 everywhere consistently and now I understand how it’s not only connected to all the obstacles I’ve been overcoming, but what new traits/skills are revealed about me from the experiences!

  12. Excellent work. Perfection is the goal that can never be attained, nevertheless, it can be approached, closer and closer. This is also how the consciousness continues to expand.

  13. This year all I’ve seen everywhere is 13 , I have kept a record of every occasion and when I look back over it this year I’m blown away .

  14. This reminded me of the story of a ‘janitor’ at a monk monastery.
    He wanted to learn martial arts from the monk masters for a long time but they told him to wait to be accepted as a monk.
    In the mean time, they told him to practice not getting his hand wet from a dripping water stream.
    So he did.
    He practiced and thought he was ready to become a monk. They said he’s not ready yet and needs to practice more.
    So he did for a couple more years.
    One night he was eating dinner with his family.
    He has been practicing this water technique but he wasn’t getting anywhere & wasn’t satisfied.
    He got so frustrated that he slammed his palm down on the table.
    His family was in shock.
    He looked up and he split the table with a single strike.
    All that time he felt as if he was doing nothing when in fact he became stronger.

  15. Wow this is spot on! I’ve been in Sisyphus mode and kept on seeing 11:13…sometimes I would see 11:11 but so often 11:13. Now I can see why!

  16. I looked at another video on 13 and it mentioned leadership. Basically I keep being thrust into a position of leadership but feeling like I am facing old karmic patterns that I am sick to death of in the process. Thank you for the question prompt, I brought it to the I Ching.

  17. About three months ago, I cut up a bunch of numbers for a raffle and tossed them all out so I thought. Tonight when I was making dinner, I spotted the #13 on the counter top. I have washed, walked past, even glanced at that counter hundreds of times and never seen the slip. This video completely resonated. I have been driven by result in my relationships and career. I’m ready to live in the moment and I see how all those obstacles helped me in the end. Thanks!

  18. Very smart insight about the number. Actually it has become more and more apparent that i have faced multiple times the number 13 and number 4 in my life.
    Actually talking number 13 when i faced my life’s most major challenge number 13 was related very strongly. That also guided to find the same insight in this sisyfos story and way you are analyzing it.

    So to speak i find very similar philosophy you can find within teachings of taoism and buddhism. Especially in the part of “you don’t wanna push to rock over the mountain” as you cannot find the peace by doing it as inner peace is always within.

    This applies can ofc apply in many ways ones life. Guess its major life lesson for me this time around.

  19. I just discovered this was my karmic debt number, and it got me really discouraged and depressed, but you really helped me see this is a whole new way. Thank you so much!

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