2222: Why You’re Seeing This Angel Number (Repeating Number) – 222, 22, 22:22

Seeing repeating twos? Constantly taking a look at the clock at 2:? Groceries always pertaining to $:22?

Well, it's not a coincidence– the universe is trying to get your attention! In this video, you can discover the real meaning behind this repeating number and understand why you're seeing it wherever you look.

Plus, you'll get 3 actionable steps on how you can take advantage of seeing this angel number in your life.

Want help translating duplicating numbers in your life? Whether you're seeing 1, 11, 111 or other , have a look at our FREE Number Messages Handbook here:

2: Why You're Seeing This Angel Number (Repeating Number) – , 22, 22:22

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  1. I’m Seeing 222 every day 10-20 times a Day and other numbers sets too Thank you for putting video up LiM@!!!

  2. I went to your link to get the number messages ebook and I was very interested in receiving the questionnaire which figures out ones inner number/combination of numbers. Unfortunately, your site has no way to enter the date of birth required on the application to receive the aforementioned offers. Since the form will not send without the birthdate, I could not sign up for regular notifications from your website. It’s disappointing because after listening to 20+ videos on the meaning of 2, 22, 222, 2222, yours was by far the best, and the briefest! Good luck with repairing your website’s forms! I will try to check back.
    Peace, Regan 🌈 from NorCal

  3. OMG so I was trying to warm up some food in the microwave but the numbers got stuck I could only choose 2:22 but I could not tap start eventually I grabbed my sandwich and went to go sit down and eat then I heard the microwave just randomly beep I went back to check and it read time 22:22 I could then be allowed to press start and warm up my food..so now I’m here wondering how could this be an coincidence?

  4. A car crashed tonight near my partner s car and i looked at the clock for no reason at all and there was 22 22 . Thank you angels β€πŸ’‹

  5. Now I see 22:22 pm. June 14,2021.
    Thank you GOD Of Universe .. Hallelujah Jesus, God πŸ™

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