Decoding Number Sequence 111

Do you see the number repeatedly and wonder what its much deeper significance is? In this video we check out the meanings of and how seeing it is a really positive indication along your course!

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Decoding Number Sequence 111

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  1. Those number sequences hold some important messages spirit is wishing to communicate with you. Over the next few months we’ll be decoding all of those sequences in videos. Sign like these are your guides attempting to get your attention in a way you are capable of making sense of. For this leg of your journey keep your thoughts positive, know you are supported by your guides, big changes may be coming your way and as these changes come keep the thoughts positive. It’s all for the best~

  2. Hey my name is Daniel and im 16. I have been seeing this number sequence 111 and I have been wondering what it is, and lately been concentrating on what is going on when this happens to me. Thank you for this video and i will take ur message onboard. (:

  3. Thanks for the explaining the number 111 – I see that a lot!!

    Can you also please explain the number 777 and 555? – That will help me a lot…

  4. I have been seeing the number 111 for a long time. Even more now. Yesterday I heard someone on the radio say 111. Its driving me crazy. Thanks for your advice. I will try it out.

  5. I see 111 everywhere about 3 times a day. My house number is 111, my gruop of flight attendants is 111 etc. I thought I was getting crazy, but you told us something about ‘oportunity” and “think positive”. I really need it, because I’m not happy and sometimes I feel so lonely… lost… that I think God isn’t love and the universe is a bad joke, or nightmare. I’m having a spiritual treatment in a spiritism center where we read Alan Kardec. I hope I’m in the right way… Thanks for your vídeo!

  6. I’ve been seeing 111 since 1992. It has appeared at very interesting times in my life.
    I have done two decades of research both inside myself, and out in the world regarding this occurrence. And You are spot on.

  7. I see 111, 777, and 888 on a weekly basis. For the last few days, seeing 888 alot. One number, 1010 keep appearing every day nearly.

  8. 1 = A new beginning
    2 = Duality
    3 = Deity shape – Triangle Pyramid – Trinity
    4 = Four square foundation
    5 = Humanity Earth – The sacrifice – The pentagram – pentagon
    6 = Christ/AntiChrist – Crystal light divider – sex origin
    7 = Completion
    8 = Control
    9 = Fail
    10 = Intensity
    11 = Death
    12 = Full circle – whole – hole

  9. I have seen the number 111 specifically so often least year that I started taking photos for a montage. I lived in suite 111 then moved to 111 street and then the last three digits of my business phone were 111! No joke. So I started seeing them everywhere and looking to see what people believed their meaning to be. I am taking it seriously these days and making some changes accordingly. This was one of the first vids I clicked on then. Thanks for that.

  10. A while back I was eating at a restaurant, my table tent # was 111. When I came outside my parking meter ticket time was up at 1:11. I thought what a funny coincidence. Fast forward, about two weeks ago I made a you tube video, I noticed after I completed it the length of it was 1:11. A few days ago I awoke at 1:11 to use the restroom, later in the morning same day I checked my phone for messages, I noticed it 11:11 am. Later on I took a late lunch and went home because I was working nearby, when I came home I noticed it was 1:11 pm in the afternoon. Then later when I came home from work for the day, my daughter asked if I would watch my grandson (6). I said, sure. He was having problems watching his programs in the tv in the livingroom, so asked him if he wanted to watch our tv in the bedroom, I turned the TV on for him but said I don’t know how to get to his programs, he told me, don’t worry, I will just type 111 on the remote. Today I was painting a window ad and a young woman came up and was exclaiming how cool my artwork was, later in the conversation, without me mentioning anything about 111, she said, yeah, and I am into numerology and repetitive numbers like 111. The first incident I had was about 7 months go, the others were more recent. I googled it and this is what it said. Number 111 symbolizes the principles of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, high energy, inspiration and intuition, self-expression and sensitivity.  I started meditating about a year ago but I did not really begin a daily practice in earnest until about 6 months ago. Anyway, it was difficult at first but grew easier. At one point I started feeling like I was awakening but did not make a huge deal about it. My daily morning practice would ebb and flow as far as feeling in the present with no thoughts. But as time passed I would get there more and more. I still have times when I feel a little agitated mentally, but it is light compared to previous years. Anyway maybe the 111 sign has something to do with the idea that maybe I am actually awakening somehow, I just don’t like to use that word and especially shy away from any notion of enlightenment. It’s kind of like if you have to tell someone you are enlightened you probably aren’t. So at this point I just want to say I  feel like I have become more self aware through my daily 6am practice and sitting in silence…and it’s really not a big deal. Often I look forward to  my daily routine.

  11. So interesting…yes I feel like I am experiencing a new beginning when I started meditating every morning for 30 minutes, the 111 stuff started appearing a little bit before I started my daily practice. I really like my practice now in the morning, I have reached no-thought states. Not all the time but I get there off and on, more and more as the weeks pass.

  12. I think on 2/1/17 ..I broke a record of most 111’s seen in a day…also 711’s and 33’s…but that day 111 was absolutely everywhere..I’m not sure what to do next…I lost my job about a month ago and I found a temporary job 33 days later…so right now idk the direction my life will go..hopefully a better job soon…like I said the 111’s were just off the charts ..most of this happend on the route I take to work..thanks

  13. Everyone wants to manifest the best for themselves. It’s just a matter of knowing “how to.”

  14. I find that doubting voice after deciding what I want is my Mothers or Relatives voice…even friends speaking…anyone with a negative opinion. It is Extremely rare it is in my own voice.

  15. You message is spot on. One small note: your outro music is significantly louder than your voice. As after you need finished, this loud music began blaring out of my speaker. I leaped from my chair in a rush to turn it down. Just an FYI. Thank you so much. NAMASTE

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