Q&A With Nat’s Numbers – The Most Important Number In Numerology

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Q&A With Nat's Numbers – The Most Important Number In

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  1. It was really worth a watch, thank you very much for mentioning the zero, I’d like to learn more about it πŸ™‚

  2. This video was very brilliant it spoke to me loudly could you continue to tell us more about the zero. Along with how all the numbers in numerology can be used to create, maxims and align one selves with the right jobs and business (purpose in life to help add to society and maximise more abundance and in our lives and other peoples) whilst serving our higher self.

  3. Thank you again for putting so much effort into your videos and the information that you deliver, I get excited every time I see a notification that you’ve uploaded a new video as I know you’re probably going to share something incredible that gets me further enthused about life and how to navigate through it and manifest within it even my biggest wishes.
    If you have the time, I was wondering if I could ask you how deep you think numerology goes; can any and all combinations of numbers that appear in any place signify and mean something? e.g noticing the time when thinking deeply about something I am hoping for and the numbers adding to a 9.
    Thanks again

  4. I would like to hear more, about anything you might think that is worth discovering.
    you’re awesome!
    can’t wait till next video! πŸ™‚

  5. Aha! Thank you so much for that enlighting video! I finally understand and I’m so grateful for your communication skills! Keep up the great work!

  6. Dear Natalie! I am very happy about your insight about the Zero and especially HOW you share! Thank-you so much for that! You touched my heart immediately and you are a love expression from the field you explain your feed-back with : )
    Did you ever run into the name “Nassim Haramein”? He found an approach to what you call the zero-point field and he calls it “the vacuum” or vacuum fluctuation, because he traveled through the field of physics, trying to marry (successfully, I believe) the quantum realm with Newtonian physics by the path of Mathematics. From there he has found a way to calculate the true values of how big a proton really is. He also created with Elizabeth Rauscher, a wonderful old lady I have also met on skype, a (quantum) Physicist and as bright as the morning sun, something they call a “scaling law”. There they found that there is a connecting line of values that runs through the very very very tiny small (Planck constant or vacuum fluctuation) also connects the biggest thing we know, the galactic center(!)passing through various additional levels as e.g. our earth etc. And right in the middle of many different scales of creation, we find the human “earthly vessel” and that lets us conclude that consciusness may not only be part of it but may very well be able to what you explain and have encoutered, to create! You obviously can perhaps because (as I can see that) you are probably free of fear and radiate out a shining heart. It is possible for you to clearly manifest and create by the power of your consciousness because of the power of love. I have no doubt about that. I have been exploring some exciting possibilities Quantum Physics has proven to exist and also ran in the double slit experiment and what it tells us about our power!! And the miracles from there go on and on and all together suggest to be avilable for each and anyone of us!
    And that is why I couldn’t stop listening to what Nassim has shared throughout many free talks you can find on youtube.
    I never thought about meditation as a way to interact directly with the void or vacuum as you have suggested, takling to Zero! I thank you very much for the idea that you have presented in such a wonderful way.
    My favourite number since my youth (when I was about 16) has always been the 4; although when I was a smaller kid, it was excited by the number 2. Later, when I understood that the 8 is the sign for infinity (only lying on its 2 bellies!) I started to like it, too since I was born in August, and on the 22nd. Then I loved the Idea that the 4 is hidden in both numbers: twice the 2 of my 22 make 4 and 4 is two times there, married in the 8 and I started to believe that my birth numbers contain a meaning, all pointing to the 4. Having heard some raw (free of money energy-charge) interpretations from numerologist.com I can see now that I was onto s.th. with my birth numbers. But the number 4 is only hidden! I would be curious about what you think the energy of the number 4 may radiate and carry as something meaningful in this context of my day of birth.
    Blessings, Natalie! I call it “heart-radiation”, I am sending out to you. I wish you all these miracles to carry you through a happy life of meaning and abundance and may it also help to transform our collective reality to a level of global happiness and abundance.

  7. Great video! I look at the number “0” as being the number of the void. The interesting thing about that for me is if you give it a twist it becomes the number “8” which is the number of manifestation (the void being where all possibilities exist before manifestation!) A point of interest is when the number “8” falls over it becomes the symbol for infinity! Infinite possibilities for manifestation! How cool is that? πŸ™‚

  8. Well, I’m happy to hear this. I encountered the idea I had in my head when I picked up my new glasses. I just knew there would be something wrong with them, and there was actually a few things wrong with them. I better start changing my thought pattern to a positive one.

  9. great video, would LOVE to hear more on this topic! I also would like to learn more about numerology and would deeply appreciate book or other resources recommendations πŸ™‚

  10. Loved this! Also have had similar experiences since learning about/ visualizing energy fields. Loved explanation of the zero! I feel this all makes my visualization/ intentions even more…. tangible in some way. Thank you! I recently discovered your channel and I can’t get enough! Thanks! again!

  11. Yes! You got it! Intentions, where we put our energy, where the mind goes, the man will follow. Anything is possible and we as humans have been dumbed down to keep us from evolving to a higher plan. I visualize the 0 as a WOMB OF POSSIBILITIES! The Creator’s womb as well as his/her eye on my life.

  12. It is interesting that I came across your video, and the one for November, today, just before November starts. My partner and I have been reading about manifesting, and we are nearing a point where we can, should, need to, have to have a home of our own. Your videos support my feelings that it is near time to actively put energy and resources into acquiring our desired outcome! Finding and listening to you now is evidence of the synchronicity you are talking about! While listening to you about the power of zero, I was listening to Ancient Aliens. It was the episode where they also were talking about zero, and Einstein’s theory of relativity! I am truly amazed! Thanks!

  13. That’s was amazing, I’m going to do that too. I feel that way How ever I’m just not paying attention and the negative always cover my thoughts. Now I know that Zero is God Jesus. I’m 100% believe that, thank you Namaste πŸ™πŸΎ

  14. I love your videos Nat and especially this one πŸ™πŸ½ yes, please make another with more about the zero. It’s the way you make it a story that creates such a beautiful video. Thank you 😁

  15. That’s why when we divide 1 by 0 we tend to infinite. Your video just made me realize how powerful is the knowledge of the Zero and how much impact my book about it can have in society. Bless you infinite times my dear, and thank you for sharing your experiences.

  16. For about 2 weeks I’ve been seeing the number 0 so much that it’s unbelievable. Thank you for this information.

  17. Wow this is so.smart and amazing I love how you explain that everyone can understand. PERFECT πŸ‘Œ πŸ˜πŸ™

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