The Achievement Number Unlocked! with Roy Kirkland

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In this episode, we're joined once again by our resident professional, . Join us as we delve deeper into the world of and open the .

What will these numbers reveal about your fate?

Here's what we talk about:

What is the Accomplishment Number
How the Accomplishment Number is computed
What the will reveal about your distinct path
Your personalized Achievement Number reading


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The Achievement Number Unlocked! with

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  1. So my birthday is 16th of July and because it’s not 7th of July, does this mean I have the achievement number of 5 but not the karmic 14, because it’s 23/5 when you add 16 + 7 (without making it 1+6+7) ? And do I need to look for 23/5 for my Achievement No. meaning?

    1. @Me Plosch yes thanks I’m aware of this calculation and that’s how I’ve calculated mine but what I’m asking is different. Basically I’m asking if mine is also considered as a karmic no. since mine can also be calculated as 1+6+7=14. Hope you got me 🙂

    2. Ohhhh I seeee
      The 2 numbers added to it is what brings the karma
      So my guess is it dosent apply to you cause yours add up to 23 and not 14

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