The Pinnacle Numbers EXPLAINED! Why These Numbers Will Reveal What Stage of Life You’re In!

Welcome back to the !

In this episode, we're signed up with again by our resident professional, . Join us as we delve deeper into the world of and open the Peak numbers. How will these numbers brighten your journey? Let's discover!

Here's what we discuss:

What are the
Why it's so important to know what your Peak Numbers are
How the Peak numbers are determined
What the Peak Numbers will reveal about your distinct course

Jump to your Peak Number reading:
The first Peak Number – 6:30
The 2nd Pinnacle Number – 10:41
The 3rd Peak Number- 13:51
The fourth Peak Number – 16:23


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The EXPLAINED! Why These Numbers Will Reveal What Stage of Life You're In!

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  1. I am totally lost without pictures.. I get lost with talk of numbers, I’m really curious though because I was told I’m getting ready to enter a pinnacle period.

    1. Honest Rage Hi. Where are you lost at? Im a numerologist and I’ll be more than happy to help

    1. @Kelly Ford Numerologist To be honest I’m off and on its jus like a calling or a situation that brings me back to getting to know and Interstand myself and it’s scary to me cuz I’ve just been putting these things to the side but mother universe is speaking to me

    2. @tarique swanier this makes sense as you are in an 11/2 personal year. This year trust your intuition, (also to the like minded spiritual people you will meet) pay attention to you dreams, and be ready to see something clearly that’s been in your face all along. This is going to be a very sensitive year for you. And relationships will be at the forefront as well.

    3. @tarique swanier The energy of the personal year that is affecting you in 2021. With it being a master number year you are going to see your gifts and abilities to spiritually teach / help others.

    4. @Kelly Ford Numerologist Thank you Goddess this is jus doing something for my spirit and soul, I truly truly thank u and send positive affirmations your way

    1. Yes, I agree. As a spiritual advisor and reader who primarily uses numerology in my sessions, I am very familiar with pinnacles. However, Roy’s explanations expanded my knowledge..💯👍🏽

  2. Some books that I found helpful in learning the basic concepts of numerology pinnacles: Numerology-The Romance in your name by Dr. Juno Jordan, Idiots guide to Numerology by Jean Simpson, Numerology by Kay Lagerquist and Lisa Lenard, Exploring Numerology: Life by the numbers by Shirley Lawrence

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