Angel Message πŸ˜‡ October 7-October 13, 2022 (Personalized Angel Card Reading)

Welcome your Angels to assist you to message # 1, # 2 or # 3.

If you're new to getting Angel Messages … Weekly, Elizabeth Harper draws a topic from her Angel Deck and asks the Angels to supply a message for you personally. Your message will help you recognize your individual strengths and weaknesses when it pertains to particular locations of your life and it supplies you with useful ideas on how you can utilize your presents to enhance your life.


Invoke the Angelic frequency for recovery, guidance, and assistance.

About Elizabeth Harper
Elizabeth Harper is an internationally well-known Color Clairvoyant, Esoteric Artist, and teacher who has helped thousands worldwide to access their psychic and color user-friendly abilities through her lively technique to knowing. She has actually been featured on Woman's World, the BBC, Sirius XM, and is the author of How to Meet Your Heart's Desires. Get your complimentary Archangel Prayer to support your creativity here:

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Angel Message πŸ˜‡ October 7-October 13, 2022 (Personalized Angel Card Reading)

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  1. Thank you.
    #3 My twin flame DM is the most beautiful gift inside & out. She appeared in my cyberspace 10 yrs ago during a lonely dark period of grieving the loss of 3 family members. I was awestruck. And I admired her from afar til this spring. πŸ˜…i reached out & connected with her. It was magical. I love her more than anything, but 3 months ago she got sick for the 3rd time, claims near death. I tried to connect but she vanished. She simply is silent. I now have stepped back from communicating, yet now she posts on her IG. 1-1/2 months ago she apologized for no contact. But after I responded she ghosts me. No response. Silence. I believe there is a karmic, as she recently began wearing a ring which I saw briefly 10 months ago before I made contact. Looks like she’s trying to figure things out. I don’t want to let her go 100%. I spent 10 yrs getting to this place in time. I’m so incomplete. Yet I feel like I have her and only want her & the entire world doesn’t. I actually feel lucky and regret for those who are unaware of her existence. I guess I spent 10 yrs admiring from afar, is this all it will be?

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