Angel Message: An Unexpected Message! (Pick #1, #2, #3) – Personalized Reading

Welcome to your tailored Angel Message reading.

Call your Angels to direct you to the ideal path. Today they are revealing you how to produce your dream life …

Select card 1, 2 or 3 to reveal your message …

Angel Message # 1– 1:25
Angel Message # 2– 2:58
Angel Message # 3– 4:47

If you're brand-new to getting Angel Messages …

Every week, Elizabeth Harper draws a subject from her Angel Deck and asks the Angels to supply a message for you personally. Your message will help you identify your personal strengths and weak points when it concerns specific locations of your life and it offers you with useful suggestions on how you can use your gifts to improve your life.


About Elizabeth Harper
Elizabeth Harper is an internationally acclaimed Color Clairvoyant, Metaphysical Artist, and teacher who has actually assisted thousands globally to access their psychic and color instinctive skills through her playful approach to knowing. She has actually been included on Female's World, the BBC, Sirius XM, and is the author of How to Meet Your Heart's Desires. Get your complimentary Archangel Prayer to support your imagination here:

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Angel Message: An Unexpected Message! (Pick #1, #2, #3) – Personalized Reading

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  1. Acceptance of the fact that I have to let go Yes, Elizabeth!! Accept that I don’t have to get everything perfect all the time. Thank you Elizabeth ❀

  2. W.o.w.
    Acceptance. This resonates like a bell ringing.
    Another, loud bell…commitment. The energy of it. It’s time.

  3. Im confused.
    I thought I’d pick a card? 1,2, or 3? Then hear that message WITHOUT knowing anything about whats on the card?
    I stopped the video after she drew the 1st card and read it

  4. I just organised my work roster to have a few extra days off next week. So yes, I have definitely created time that I desperately need for myself after working so hard for a very long time. I don’t think I had more then 12 days off last year 🀣
    I also rarely choose card two, so I very much listen extra hard when I choose number 2.

  5. Yes!🀣card 2….got to manifest time management! This Leo received this AA Gabriel nessage, loud and clear!
    Thank you Elizabeth.πŸ’œπŸ˜‡

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