August 2022 Numerology Forecast: New Desires, New Beginnings & New Momentum


NATALIE OLSON, CN, NE Numerologist & Philosopher @ Nat's Numbers
Translating Your Unique Algorithm for Confidence & Success
Natalie Olson is your Numerologist and spiritual coach with an enthusiasm for translating the secret of life and the secret of you. She is here to help you uncover your numbers, or your superpowers (concealed in your birth name and birth date) so you can develop the life that you really desire.

For over a years, Nat has actually been coaching people in her personal Numerology practice. She has actually become the trump card for very popular authors, Wall-street investors and CEO's of multi-million dollar companies. She has likewise been a highlighted columnist for the biggest online Numerology and Spiritual community in the world,, with over 2 million relied on audiences and readers. You can find out more about Nat and how to deal with her at or

Nat's Numbers
Deep space talented you with your own special code for lined up success … And I can translate it. Hey you! My name is Natalie Olson and I'm your Numerologist & Spiritual coach. I help heart-centered experts and thought-leaders just like you decode their numbers, or their spiritual DNA, to receive clearness on who you are, what makes you tick and

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August 2022 Numerology Forecast: New Desires, New Beginnings & New Momentum

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  1. Hi Nat! Holy crap, are things flowing and moving right now! I just went on and on about this on the podcast. Have the happiest August ever, Nat! I know I will! 😘

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