FIND ABUNDANCE IN APRIL 2023 ♥♥ Numerology Prediction for April ♥♥ April Numerology

FIND ABUNDANCE IN APRIL 2023 ♥♥ Prediction for April ♥♥ April

The easiest way to start working with numerology is by analyzing your unique date of birth. This is the code which contains in itself the entire journey of your life. Through this log, I wish to help you to look at your own monthly cycles and prepare for the upcoming trends of time so that you're able to efficiently maneuver around all difficulties. So, watch the log and avail this free monthly numerology remedy that I bring to you on regular intervals.

Intro: 00:00
April 2023 Universal Month Forecast: 00:14
Know your Personal Year: 05:08
Know the Transition Point: 05:26
Book Promotion: 06:21
Personal Year 1: 07:02
Personal Year 2: 07:50
Personal Year 3: 08:40
Personal Year 4: 09:34
Personal Year 5: 10:32
Personal Year 6: 11:20
Personal Year 7: 12:17
Personal Year 8: 13:19
Personal Year 9: 14:16
End Note: 15:08

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FIND ABUNDANCE IN APRIL 2023 ♥♥ Numerology Prediction for April ♥♥ April Numerology

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  1. So if someone has 25 or 30 birthday so the face for 25 born will 5/6 days second face for 30 Bron will HV only 1/2 day of 2nd face of universal month

    1. Yes! If someone is born on the 25th, 1st to 25th will be the first part and 25th will see the transition into the second part… so even if two people share the same personal year, they may have a different experience based on the specific day in which they were born

  2. Can please make a video on Karmic numbers .coz wanna know how we can make it simple our atleast 50%
    Thanks n regards

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