FIND ABUNDANCE IN AUGUST 2022 ♥♥ Numerology Prediction for August ♥♥ August Numerology

The very best solution in Numerology is the Correction of Individual Timing, and out here in this log, for that reason I will be taking you through your Individual Timing; what patterns could be showing up for you during the month of August 2022 and what would be the ideal things to do for you. We all have our own specific timing and right timing is what makes all the difference …
I completely welcome you all to avail this FREE NUMEROLOGY solution which will enable you to line up with the momentum of time. This will be your method of staying near to your real fate.

For your convenience, Time Stamps are supplied listed below:.
August 2022 Universal Month Forecast: 00:21.
Mark the Transition Point: 04:36.
Know your Personal Year: 03:52.
: 05:07.
Individual Year 2: 05:59.
Individual Year 3: 06:53.
: 07:40.
Individual Year 5: 08:19.
Individual Year 6: 09:10.
: 09:46.
: 10:40.
Individual Year 9: 11:28.

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FIND ABUNDANCE IN AUGUST 2022 ♥♥ Numerology Prediction for August ♥♥

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  1. My attitude no is 11/2
    21/5/1992 that is totel 11/2 my first accident my leg was broken n i was critical
    I got well coz py 14/5 py…
    21/5/2002 i got married my seconds accident totel 11/2 my py was 14/5 i am still avail… so Attitude no 11/2 is good for me or not … CAN TELL ME ABOUT IT

    1. Can you tell me simply the dob and when you got married and when you had accident? Rest of it I’m explaining

  2. I am childs less not by choises
    On 15/11/2014 total was 11/2 i met my gf whom i say my second wife ..
    As we met personal on 3/1/2015 thats 11/2 .. py 9 pm 3 is my attitude no will say will i Die as per my attitude no pls give more high light on it..
    Thanks n regards

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