January 2022 Numerology Forecast: The Strange Way 2022 Will Begin (& Why It’s Surprisingly Awesome)

January 2022 Numerology Projection: Deep, Powerful Rest

Did you believe that the first month of the year was going to start out with a bang? Our Creator has something else in shop for us! Rest. Solitude. A deepening. This is on point and best timing, if we want to achieve success in 2022. Find out why in this month's projection.

Your Numerologist and Philosopher-friend,


P.S. What is your deepest value today? I would LOVE to read them in the comments listed below.



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Natalie is a Superpower Coach & Expert who trains people and business cultures in using their inherent, real-life Superpowers through Stereotypical Numerology. She has been worked with by anti-terrorism systems, multi-million-dollar tech starts ups, leading general contractors and financial institutions, CEOs, authors, athletes, housewives and instructors. She is the future author of 'The 9 Superheroes of deep space.' Have a look at her Superhero Training programs at

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January 2022 Numerology Forecast: The Strange Way 2022 Will Begin (& Why It's Surprisingly Awesome)

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  1. Umm, did you know that the screen that briefly shows at the end of the intro says January 2021? Might want to change that.

  2. My favorite advice you ever gave about the 7 was to “sit back, relax, and surrender.” I’ve been asking the divine for some help a lot lately. Happy New Year, Nat!

  3. happy new year 2022 everyone ! so grateful and joyful to join this NEW REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE to come !!!
    thankx for all these wondeful insights and cosmic love within
    Always have a great time listening to You dear Natalie ,,,
    much love and tenderness WE ARE ONENESS

  4. Hello Natalie, my purest Love & Light to you…always, it completely resonated with me. It adjusted my mindset for the u-turn it needed to take. You have such a special aura sweet. I can’t help but smile when I see you and your tone of voice literally prevents me from tensing any muscle. Honestly, it’s such a meditative tone. My dear, I think your an absolutely wonderful being 💙 wishing you eternal abundant blessings

  5. I need the go go energies lol. I work for a cleaning company that cleans schools. It hurts that they gave us our over due pay raises after minimum wage went up. The only thing that keeping me is the school staff cause they know I’m doing my best for a 3 man job.

  6. Hello,Nat,and Happy New Year, Thank you so much because you let as know all this beautiful and such profond and spiritual numerology

  7. Beautiful sister Nat,

    What are my values right now:
    Dignity and self love
    speaking my truth with compassion
    surrender to the phase of this month and the rhythms
    being quite and in stillness
    Closing any old matters and relationships that are not in alignment with my dreams and values.
    Relaxing rejuvenation giving myself space to breathe calming my nerves system after the intense last cycle.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful guidance is so profound and resonates with every particle of my being ⭐️💫🙏

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