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The Square
The Luoshu, or Nine Halls Diagram is an ancient Chinese diagram and named for the Luo River near Luoyang, Henan. The becomes part of the tradition of ancient Chinese mathematical and divinity and is an essential symbol in Feng Shui. The odd and even numbers alternate in the periphery of the Lo Shu pattern; the four even numbers are at the 4 corners, and the five odd numbers (which surpass the even numbers by one) form a cross in the center of the square. The sums in each of the three rows, in each of the 3 columns, and in both diagonals, are all 15. When we lay the numbers around us, with regard to this wonderful 3/3 square, we can discover interesting information about our life. In this video I want to present you to this fascinating element of Chinese .

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LOSHU GRID LESSON 2 | Numerology |

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