March 2022 Starseed Forecast (Pt 2): A Lyran Message For Passion & Energy

Invite to your Starseed Oracle Reading for the last 2 weeks of March 2022.

This is an effective # 9 month and this resonates with Mars and the Lyrans. This is all about self-reliance, company and being more in control.
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12 Signs You're a Starseed–.
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March 2022 Starseed Forecast (Pt 2): A Lyran Message For Passion & Energy

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  1. Greetings brother and Namaste. I am a B lue Ray empath and speak the lan guages of Light. I am a Aries and have many traights of a Arian , I have practiced transcendental meditation for over 40 years. I am a Gay man and can feel peoples aches and pains, Evan people that have passes over I feel the pain or desease they passed over with.
    still do not understand the difference bedtween speaking in toungez (GLOSALIA ) and the Light Language
    Can you rec o mend any thin g that. might hbelp me on m y Spiritfual journey. xxx

  2. Thank you for helping humanity many blessings beautiful soul 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤🌎🌏🌍😇😇😇😃😃😃👽👽👽

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