Numerologists Hate This…But You Deserve to Know Your Real Life Purpose! Here’s how..

This video exposes the approaches that numerologists do not want you to understand. You'll discover how to quickly calculate your true and birth day number – the core numerological numbers that clarified your inmost purpose and personal patterns.

No more being kept in the dark about these ancient numerical codes that govern your destiny. Step-by-step, you'll find out the basic formulas to derive both your life course number from your birth date, and your birth day number from just the day you were born.


00:00 Intro
00:49 Birth-Date Vs. Birth-Name
02:10 Computation and significance of birth-date numbers
02:30 Life-Path number Steve Jobs
02:37 How to compute the life-path number
03:00 Steve Jobs' life-path number computation
03:42 Significance of the life-path number
04:04 Weight of life-path number & influence of other numbers
04:24 Significance of life-path 1
05:23 Master Numbers
07:30 The
07:44 Steve Jobs'
08:00 Consideration of the birth-day number's constituent parts
08:33 Significance of the birth-day number
09:13 Meaning of birth-day number 6
09:55 About Steve Jobs number 6 birth-day number
11:54 A look at the 24/6 of Steve Jobs' birth-day number

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Then utilizing Steve Jobs as a real-life example, you'll get line-by-line analyses and significances for each life course and birth day number. Learn how Jobs' numbers 5 and 26 exceptionally formed his life's journey as an entrepreneurial visionary.

Numerologists have actually kept this knowledge shrouded in mystery for too long. Now you can bypass their gatekeeping and access the true root numbers that brighten your soul's blueprint and unlock your highest capacity. Do not miss this life-changing masterclass!

Numerologists Hate This…But You Deserve to Know Your Real Life Purpose! Here's how..

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