NUMEROLOGY ANGEL NUMBER 25 – The Basic Meaning – Seeing 25

The dad of Modern Numerology, Pythagoras was born in 608 B.C. He wanted to free the human mind from political, social and spiritual conditioning. He believed that philosophy was a way of spiritual purification. He declared that the Destiny of Soul was for its union with the divine. Through our journeys in life, we are meant to be continuously trying to connect with our greater selves. If you identify with this, come join me in my journey towards my greater self. As I share my experiences with you; you too can discover something new about your own life …

The double-digit code , is one of the extremely delicate, flexible, and mixable varieties of the base-value 7. It has the composure and knowledge of 7, but at the exact same time, it is extremely kind and thoughtful towards other individuals. As a cyclic number it can suggest achievement of wisdom and clearness, and change in viewpoints through life experiences. Enjoy this video to learn more about this terrific double-digit delineation …

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NUMEROLOGY ANGEL – The Basic Meaning – Seeing 25

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