Numerology Message: Pick #40 or #42 (Angelic Number Guidance)

Select a Number 40 or 42?

Then drop it in the remarks listed below and come back to enjoy the video. Julie Geigle channels wisdom and insights from Archangel Metatron who is the master of Numerology!

00:00 Angel # 40.
05:12 # 40 #Romance Advice.
06:60 Angel # 42.
11:39 # 42 Love #advice.

About Julie.
Julie Geigle is a spiritual life coach, psychic medium and therapist. Are you tired of your life and prepared to develop something various? I can help! Book a complimentary discovery call to learn more.

Numerology Message: Pick #40 or #42 (Angelic Number Guidance)

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  1. Its my path number and I been seeing 444444444 everywhere people with path numbers 4 rarely making it in the matrix but I will break this circle .. I chose 40 !!! ❤I am a giant force of creation ! Thanks I was drawn to this by the 4’ss no coincidence here

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