Numerology Message: Pick #49 or #76 (Angelic Number Guidance)

Then drop it in the remarks listed below and return to view the video. Julie Geigle channels knowledge and insights from Archangel Metatron who is the master of Numerology!

00:00 – Angel Message # 49.
05:35 – Angel Message # 76.
12:00 – "Shake it Off" – A remarkable strategy to help move energy.

About Julie.
Julie Geigle is a spiritual life coach, psychic medium and therapist. She helps people on a spiritual journey end suffering and create more ease and delight in their life. Pick up your FREE present at.

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About Julie Geigle.
Julie Geigle is an international psychic medium and gifted channel of Archangel Metatron. She teaches individuals on a spiritual journey how to find inner peace and live the happiest version of themselves. Julie is the creator of Lightworker's Academy, online courses designed to introduce the golden age of knowledge. You can discover Julie's safe haven at and develop more pleasure with your complimentary Manifesting Miracles guide.

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Numerology Message: Pick #49 or #76 (Angelic Number Guidance)

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