Numerology Message: Pick #5 or #20 (Angelic Number Guidance)

Welcome to your weekly message. This week, Julie will show you how to trust yourself and go for your dreams !!

Pick # 1 or # 2 to expose your message.

Which number are you drawn to this week?
5 or 20?
Take a deep breath, close your eyes and feel into each number. Which one holds an unique message for you today?
Post the number you chose in the comments below.
Messages for # 5 Positive Change
Am I afraid of modification?
If you chose # 5 God is welcoming you to embrace the modifications coming into your life. You can either choose fear or happiness. When you live in your home of happiness there is an ease and grace that moves into your life and you begin to attract more experiences that are joyful.

When you permit worry to be your dominant driving force it entirely alters your experience of life. You always have a choice. Fear is certainly natural as changes occur. We all experience uneasiness when faced with something new but the key is not to give into that. Feel the worry and trust that God is bringing you more in your life.
As you go with the flow become conscious of the ego wishing to pull you into overdramatization. It's just like the news we enjoy on television attempting to get our attention with this disaster here which disaster there. Don't fall for this trap. End up being mindful of any resistance or procrastination that is a form of self-sabotage and stay grounded.
There is a lovely shift occurring in your life that is of a greater order, your Divine life mission is unfolding. Anything is possible when you trust and stay in positioning with your reality.
5 – Positive change is taking place to you now get out of your own way and enjoy your Divine strategy unfold.
Love & Relationships
In terms of love whether you're single or in a relationship, # 5 is a sign to look after your own emotional well-being. Do not endure bad behavior from others. This is an indication to set limits and act when required. With positive changes, you develop favorable change in your romantic relationships as well.

Messages for # 20 Highest Great
Do bad things keep happening to you?
Are the Gremlins getting you down?
If # 20 has dropped into your life it's a sign from God that there are no accidents and that you did refrain from doing anything incorrect. This experience has actually come into your awareness for the development of your consciousness. There will be a silver lining in this cloud although it doesn't feel excellent today.

There are things happening behind the scenes that you are absolutely unaware of that are going to assist move individuals and chances into your field of awareness and if this had actually not have happened you would have continued along the path of doing what you were doing.

Sometimes deep space simply requires to shake things up in our life for us to step into a brand-new scene. Be client and don't hurry things. Take the time you require to process what just occurred and relieve into what's next for you.
If we call back the numbers we find …
2 – Whatever's Going to Be Okay/ Soul Mission
0 – Infinity/ God
2 +0= 2 – Whatever's Going to Be Okay/ Soul Objective DOUBLED!
# 20 – Your greatest excellent is unfolding. God has a plan although you can't see it yet.

Love & Relationships
In regards to love, # 20 is all about stability and obligation. If you've done something or been less than a fantastic partner or haven't been providing your best in this relationship it's time to step up and take duty for this. Do not lie and don't reject. Own it. Then take the steps you require to require to develop a rock-solid connection and a protected and stable relationship makes sure to follow.

If you are single # 20 is assuring you that everything's going to be alright. You're going to get your fairy tale romance and the white picket fence. Do not wallow in the pity celebration. Nobody likes a Negative Nellie or Sassy Sam. This is a brand-new year with a brand name brand-new opportunity to become a magnet for the love in your life you are worthy of.

Angel Hugs,
Julie Geigle

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Numerology Message: Pick #5 or #20 (Angelic Number Guidance)

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