The SOUND of God, Pythagoras, And ELECTRO-Pollution.

, the renowned thinker, mathematician, and artist, made substantial contributions to our understanding of deep space's interconnectedness.

His theories on the "Music of the Spheres" align with modern clinical discoveries like the , quantum physics, and field theory.

discovered the harmonic structure of music and believed that this bought structure reached the essential principles of the world. He posited that the unified sounds produced by human beings echoed a larger harmony in deep space, referred to as the "Music of the Spheres."

Pythagoras proposed that the whole universe was made up of numbers and vibrations. He established a mathematical design for comprehending vibrational energy and used it to numbers and letters, laying the foundation for contemporary numerology.

The , discovered in 1952 by physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, is a natural frequency that covers the Earth. It aligns with Pythagoras' belief that whatever in deep space can be reduced to numbers and vibrations.

The Schumann resonance describes the electro-magnetic resonant frequencies of the Earth's ionosphere cavity, primarily triggered by lightning discharges. It plays an essential function in keeping human wellness, as shown by research studies revealing unfavorable health impacts when exposed to its absence.

The Schumann resonance and Pythagoras' worldview are intertwined. Both highlight resonance, harmony, and interconnectedness. The Schumann resonance reflects the harmonious interaction between Earth and its electromagnetic environment, while Pythagoras' theories include the interconnected web of vibrations and consistencies in deep space.

The link between the Schumann resonance and human wellness recommends its prospective influence on our health and the need to restore the unified relationship in between living beings and the Earth's natural frequency.

The Schumann Resonance frequency of 7.83 Hz remarkably accompanies that of the ages old .The is believed to induce an alpha brain state that supplies health, balance, and inner peace, and so draws a striking parallel with the Schumann Resonance.

Man-made electromagnetic field radiation has disrupted the harmonious Schumann signal, impacting the immune system and triggering anxiety and fatigue. New cordless innovations present additional risks by hindering the natural frequencies that living beings react to.

Some propose utilizing field generators or Schumann gadgets to duplicate the 7.83 Hertz pulse and counteract the unfavorable impacts of disruptive man-made fields.

Pythagoras' visionary ideas align with the discovery of the Schumann resonance, highlighting the interconnectedness of music, vibrations, and deep space.

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00:54 – Pythagoras and the Harmonic Structure of Deep Space.
02:08 – Music as a Path to Spiritual Harmony.
03:14 – The Schumann Resonance: The Music of Our Own Sphere, Earth.
09:39 – and the Schumann Resonance.
05:21 – Impact of the Removal of Schumann Waves.
06:51 – Human Wellness.
08:29 – The Invisible Interconnectedness of All Things.
10:54 – Affiliation In Between Pythagoras' Concepts and the Schumann Resonance.
11:49 – Implications For Human Well-Being.

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The SOUND of God, Pythagoras, And ELECTRO-Pollution.

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