Turn Yourself Into A Money Magnet With This Simple Numerology Trick

2013 has a Universal Year Number of 6 which carries an inevitable vibrational pattern of monetary abundance. This indicates that we will continue to witness the grip of the economic crisis deteriorate and more cash begin to distribute this year (and in unforeseen methods)… However, there's a method you can attract a lot more monetary abundance into your life prior to the year is up. The unexpected response depends on the number 8 and your distinct wealth signature revealed in your Numerology Profile. Watch the 6 minute video listed below where I expose a funky little Numerology 'trick' for switching on your Real Wealth Power and turning yourself into a moolah magnet …

Turn Yourself Into A Money Magnet With This Simple Numerology Trick

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  1. Weird. Here I thought I could earn money through hard work and discipline. But hey, vibrate your way to accumulating meaningless pieces of paper.

    1. Sorry to be off topic but does someone know a method to get back into an Instagram account??
      I stupidly lost my password. I appreciate any tips you can offer me!

  2. This is real cause the number 8 in my life is there i mean my name is Hani the letter H is the 8th alphabet and my favorite football/soccer player is number 8 !!

  3. Lot of info that is off here. First off all 6 is the number of family not wealth. 1 = Male Energy; 2= Female Energy; 3= Child Energy. 1 + 2 + 3 = 6; hence why 6 represents home & family.

  4. I have a lot of 6 in my numerology birthday and name but no 8. But 6 and 6 which I have are 8 side joined. So I should think thst

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