Your Personalized Weekly Tarot Reading 🃏🔮17-24 Jan 2021 (Pick A Card)

Your Personalized Weekly Tarot Reading with Vannessa from Beyond Your Sun Sign. This tarot oracle reading will expose the main theme for your week.

What is in the cards for you this week? Select Tarot reading # 1, # 2 or # 3.

Card 1: Face Down 5 of Cups
It is time to carry on. It's simple to recognize that it is time to proceed but it is time to really carry on. You have invested enough psychological energy into the situation. It harms, however it is time now to move on. 2 people require you to carry on. You're operating at 30% and these 2 individuals made it and deserve you at 100%. The card that is consciously revealing you is a shift in your accuracy and when it pertains to cash and the power surrounding it. So on the surface area, it reveals some shifts within your relationships however still seems like you need to hold your power, but it is really about the reality that you have not moved on. So there is no equal energy exchange within the relationship, it is time to proceed. Do release rituals on the Moon on January 17.

Card 2: Knight of Pentacles
The young Earth Indication (Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo) in your life, needs more security in their lives. It is time to start preparing for their security in the future. Plant some seeds for their future even if it is extremely little today. Plan for their future since they are going to need it. You can give them this power back in the future at a time when they require it one of the most. Give them security and it will advise you how much you need to offer.

Card 3: 2 of Swords, The Empress
It is time to actively decide when it pertains to a tumultuous, rocky, emotional relationship. What that does is allow you to get impregnated with something brand-new. It always takes at least one more person to produce. All you can do is produce the space by deciding about a partnership so that you can then get fertilized with an originality of a job.


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Vannessa's function is to assist people through spirituality, and she is passionate and motivated to inspire others. Vannessa is a CAAE Certified Astrologer, talented Tarot Reader and is presently on track to accomplish her Physician of Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics. With a background in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Household Mediation, Vannessa utilizes a sensible, positive, and uplifting method to influence positive relationships.

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Your Personalized Weekly Tarot Reading 🃏🔮17-24 Jan 2021 (Pick A Card)

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