Your Personalized Weekly Tarot Reading ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ”ฎ24-30 Jan 2021 (Pick A Card)

Card 1: Ace of Cups
It may be quite disconcerting this week that you recognize you feel various about something. We know that it is pure, we can't control the way that we feel and this is putting some tension and isolation on us. This new sensation can relatively come from absolutely no place however it is actually feeding into your subconscious. You have used distractions to jump over these deep sensations however the new sensations that you feel today are informing you to dive in completely. An example is when you are enjoying a sad film and you begin sobbing about something various based on the trigger. This brand-new feeling is coming and is triggering a myriad of emotions you've had in the past. It is time to actually let it out. The emotion can be sadness, anger, pleasure, confusion. Feel the feelings and enable everything to come out. Launch it all since you can't control it.

Card 2: 2 of Wands, 9 of Cups, Hermit, Devil
This week you are putting our emotional joy due to the alone time you needed to question the unfavorable attachments in your life. You are feeling good about being alone and this can be frightening. When you are comfortable being alone, anyone coming in is competing with your peace. You've developed joy on your own within this self-reliance which will trigger others. Your alone time is no longer a punishment, and this is activating individuals around you. Your seclusion is actually making you comfy although others are uncomfortable about it.

Card 3: Judgment, Sun, 10 of Cups
The judgment you are receiving is from your and your family's joy. It begins with self-judgment which leads to evaluating others and after that getting that judgment from others. Be happy with the judgment that you are receiving due to the fact that it is a tip of whatever that you have. Your happiness could be breaking your forefathers and their stories and viewpoint. This is breaking down generational mindsets that prevent your development and the growth of your future generations.


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