Your Weekly Tarot Reading May 31-June 6, 2022 Pick #1, #2 OR #3


Each week, Vannessa Williams from Beyond Your Sun Sign brings you a Personalized Tarot Reading to assist you navigate the week ahead. So, ask your soul what it most requirements and pick Tarot message # 1, # 2 or # 3.

Vannessa's purpose is to assist individuals through spirituality, and she is enthusiastic and motivated to influence others. Vannessa is a CAAE Qualified Astrologist, gifted Fortuneteller and is presently on track to accomplish her Doctor of Esoteric Science from the University of Metaphysics. With a background in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Household Mediation, Vannessa utilizes a logical, favorable, and uplifting method to inspire positive relationships.

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Your Weekly Tarot Reading May 31-June 6, 2022 Pick #1, #2 OR #3

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  1. Yes I am going to make changes for myself and every one with the power and ability Allah/God has given me, and join good person like you to establishment good doings for oppressed nations in the world

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